Graphic Design Mini-Project

Toby The Goliath will save you!

This a super hero i made named Toby the Goliath... He's 5ft 2in and he's 32 but he was in  experiment and he shrank and his appearance makes him look like he's 15.  To make this I used Inkscape and i free handed all of it.  I wouldn't change anything and I Didn't run into trouble while i was making it.

This is Super Jim! Toby the Goliaths sidekick!

This is Super Jim!  He is Toby the Goliaths sidekick.  He is 15 years old and 7' 6'' and likes McNuggets.  He throws high heel at the bad guys.  He is extremely docile and very loud.

The logo on the right is just a plain logo with my name in it and the logo on the left is a logo that has a chain of DNA because i find genetics interesting.  I used Inkscape to make this and i used many different tools for it.  I don't think that i would change anything.