52 in 52
Week/Album 2

This album for me signifies me finding music I could call my own. Up until I heard "Smells like Teen Spirit" I was just listening to my parents music, basically whatever was on the radio stations they listened to. I liked it music fine I liked the melodies of the pop songs but I remember being moved when hearing that song. Got the album and really fell in love with this sound. This energetic, aggressive yet polished sound with great melodies and harmonies and with drums that were being beat to death! It was fantastic!

It's really hard picking a song that is a highlight from this album between "Territorial Pissings", "Drain You","On a Plain" & "Lounge Act" I have always loved Krist's bass line in it and the kind of depressed tone in Kurt's voice then it explodes at the end. Yeah really dig it!