The lost soul

The girl so lonely

Who stays in her room

Trying to fight

The feeling of doom

It's been several months

Since she last touched a blade

But she can't seem to focus

On the choice that she's made

She goes to her cupboard

And makes her choice

That will lead to the start

Then she hears that voice

The one that tells her

To create those lines

Across her wrist

She's suddenly blind

She no longer knows

What her body is doing

Hypnotised by these actions

She is now pursuing

Doing so well

But now she falls

Trying to remember

Those cries that she called

Blood pours down her arm

As the blade sinks in

Feeling no pain

While she pierces her skin

She tries to remember

Those cries each night

The prayers she made

To win this fight

But the battle continues

And she's still losing

Wondering why

It's life she keeps choosing