Shasta's Snow Day

On my snow day I played on my computer for like half of the day. I played games,did work and chatted online with friends. On my snow day I also played with my siblings and my baby brother. On my snow day I sat down on my bed and read my favorite books. i also went outside and shoveled. bleh!! it was so cold outside.

For breakfast i had grits,eggs and sausage with hot cocoa and for lunch i forgot to have lunch so i had no lunch.  I tried to get my mom off her phone and my aunt. I was in my room with my sister just playing around. Sometimes I went into the living room when i was bored and watched the new 60 inch plasma tv my mom bought. Some times I was bored and sometimes I wasn't.

I played with my baby brother but all he did was throw his toys at me and hes 2 years old. My other little sisters just kept getting smart with me and kept hitting me with stuffed animals. For dinner I had rich and chicken. after that I went to my room and kept reading cuz i love reading. I had alot of fun on my snow day.

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2 years ago

Have fun and enjoy