By Don Freeman

The Departure

  • call to adventure- Corduroy must find his lost button
  • Supernatural aid- none
  • Crossing the the threshold-goes on the elevator, which he thinks is a mountain The "mountain" takes him to a "palace"
  • Belly of the whale-When he is on the bed and has found what he thinks is his button


  • The road of trials- tries to get his button off the bed getting to the "palace" that has his button getting onto the bed. getting to somewhere to look for his button. getting back onto the bed after he is thrown off. Allies: escalator, Enemies: thread that has the button sown to the bed.
  • Goddess- the button is sown onto the bed but he wants it so that someone will buy him attempting to
  • Supreme ordeal- climax-trying to pull the button off of the bed
  • Ultimate Boon- none

The Return

  • Return Refusal-none
  • magic flight-easy the security guard takes him back Lisa buys him and takes him to his new home
  • Rescue from without- Lisa takes corduroy home
  • Crossing the return threshold- Corduroy goes home with Lisa and gets his button

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