By:Payton Christensen

Argentina population is 40.2 million

National language: Spanish

Capital: Buenos Arias

Currency: Pentos

National holiday: 9TH of July

This picture is of the beaches in argentina

Number 1 Place to visit

The number one place to go in Argentina is Buenos Aires. Interesting things to do in Buenos include going to a Boca Juniors playing their rivals River Plate in soccer or if your not into sports you can go to through the eye of the tiger a forty-five minute boat ride through forest with many animals and quiet from the busy city.

Number 2 Place to visit

My favorite place by Far is San Carlos De Bariloche where in the Summer you can go climbing,boating,paragliding,trekking(which is a long journey usually on foot), and my favorite part plunging down into lake Nahuel Huapi Which even in the summer never goes higher than 57o! In the winter it is the Number 1 biggest ski resort in Argentina!

Local Expressions

"bajá un cambio!” which mean "Chill out!" "Relax"

another is “le faltan algunos jugadores” which means "He is dumb"


My favorite meal that was served a very popular dish is parallada. Which is a combo of steak,chicken,and sausage. With also ribs, sweet bread and chorizo(black pudding). In some parts of the country they used goat too.


since the drinking age in Argentina is 18 I got to try many different alcohol choices but my favorite was torronéts which is a rich wine.


Now in Argentina the climate is usually never gets over 750 and can you can get down to 0.

Lacrosse National Team

Now Lacrosse is taking the US by storm but while I was there I found out that Argentina had a national Lacrosse team and I watched them practice and they were doing really good. Getting ready for the FIL in Denver this year.

Lacrosse Team Link

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