Morning Star

By: Easter Exultet

O Morning Star,

Glimmering on the curve

Of the night, a steady presence

Calling my heart to arise

Into the brightness of dawn!

You gladden my spirit

And sweeten my disposition

As I greet the opening day.

I rise from my sleepiness

With fullness of your hope.

Today: I carry hope in my heart.


I can see god as morning star because I'm thankful that

I have another day to wake up and see the sun .

Of course there's days when I don't want to see the morning star

I just want to live in my own darkness,

However the sun would be there

If I like it or not.

Sometimes you don't even see the morning star

It's covered. I wonder if it's good that we are unable to see it.

Or not seeing it means it's going to have an off day.

I can relate to god as morning star

Because I would like to be someone's sunshine.

I have people in my life when I see them or talk to them,

They make my day. They are my sunshine,

it would be nice to know if I'm like that for someone else.

I think this image teach me,

How to appreciate and be aware of my surroundings.

Notice the people who touch my lives and notice you I touch in their lives.

Also, to be greatful for another day and another time I get to see the morning star.


Creator of Wintry Ice and Snow

By: Edward Hays

The untamed winds of frosted winter

Cough their way into penetraing coldness.

Heavy snowflakes swirl wildly everywhere.

You invite us to witness this fresh beauty,

To lessen complaint about its inconvenience.

You speak to grumbling hearts in this season:

"Celebrate the wonder of what is before you.

Abandon tour schedules and organized plans.

Settle into the long wintry evening of quiet

And sip the good red wine o my contentment."

Today: I accept what inconveniences me.


I see this god acting in my life today

By the beauty that's going on right now.

It's winter where I live and although it's not snowing yet,

I will be happy to see the first snowflakes that land on the ground

And stays on the ground.

I dont like see the snow being melted.

I want the snow to be on the ground so I can do whatever I want with it.

I can see god as nature,

Winter is my favorite season , I think it's so beautiful in the winter time.

The only problem I have with this prayer is the ending.

It may be because I don't drink wine or I just lost connection in the end.

The beginning of the paragraph is what I focus more on.

I can't really relate to god as nature because I didn't create it,

However since nature is such beauty to me,

I hope I can create something as beautiful.

It can go so far as a beautiful talent to a beautiful relationship.

What I think god is trying to say

Is to accept the inconveniences in life because I tend to have negative thoughts

and not all inconveniences are bad.


Ocean of Joy

By: Kabir

Oh, that we could swim forever

In the sea of your unending joy.

Oh, that we might set happy sail

Upon the waters of your delight.

It's all close by, waiting for us

If only we stop our crazy pace

And allow our manacled calendars

To fall away from our tethered lives.

Now is the time, not later,

To let go and leap into your joy.

Today: I take the plunge.


I love water, if I could live in water I would.

I used to fear water but I face my fear and I will never regret it.

I can see god as Ocean of Joy because of this,

there's something about water that makes me at peace.

Water is clean, pure, and translucent like god.

I can't relate to god as clean, pure and translucent

because I don't see myself as that person but god can be that person to me.

for some reason i feel like god is trying to say to take a dip in the water

and be free.

I guess this prayer is trying to teach me to be still

and relax.

There's not better time than to reflect and be at peace with myself.


Morning Star

When I sleep, there's only darkness.

When I awake, there's only brightness

From the morning star at your disposal.

What a morning star means to you,

Its different for me.

Its a new beginning and a new ending.

Whatever troubles I go throughout the day,

I know I can count on seeing the

morning star in the skyline, I'm in complete awe.

And for that, I thank you, for now I see the light

In the direction that your light shines so brightly.

Today: I carry out the path of the light.

Creator of Wintry Ice and Snow

Take a moment and look at what's around you.

Don't think about how cold or hot you are,

Take in the natural beauty that is bestowed in front of you,

Wintry ice and snow.

Observed whats happening around you, the earth is changing.

Trees are starting to loose their leaves, flowers are dying and the grass is browning.

It might seem sad that everything is dying around you,

However its taking its time to turn into something beautiful.

So, for now see the beauty in the wintry ice and snow,

It's as beautiful as when everything is growing healthy again.

Today: I see the beauty in the world.

Ocean of Joy

There's no better feeling than feeling free.

There's not a care in the world.

Feel free in the ocean of joy.

Take a dip see how it feels.

Feel happier inside and let the water nourish you.

Come back as many times you want,

The ocean of joy will be here.

Today: I nourish others.

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