Unique Gift Basket Ideas For Your Foodie Friends - The Very Best Presents To Give Away

Our friends and loved ones form the weirdest bunch don’t they? All of them have their own likes and dislikes.. They all love celebrating in different ways.. That is what makes each of them special – their own weird uniqueness that is really close to your heart. But then this is the one quality that makes it really difficult for you to get gifts for them. They are all so different from each other that finding the right present for each one of them can be really hard. But with this article, you will be able to handle at least one type of your friend – the eternal foodie!

We all have that one person in our lives who lives to eat! This person knows the best eating joints in town, might even be a great cook and is always the life of the party because he brings the best things to eat. To honour and appreciate your foodie friend, here are a few unique gift basket ideas that will definitely win their heart.

The morning coffee mash-up

This unique gift basket will become a part of your friend’s morning ritual. The contents of this present are designed in a way to cater to all the morning cravings that a person might have and kick start the day in style. The morning coffee gift basket can include an elegant tea or coffee mugs set that will bring a lot of style to the whole thing. Next, get some of the best flavoured coffee beans and roasts for your friend to try. You can include a mug for coffee or a teapot and cup set for brewing the tea leaves. If it's for a couple, put in 2 mugs or a set of teapot and 2 cups. And finally, get some biscuits and coffee cakes to complete the ensemble.

The breakfast feast

This unique gift basket takes the morning coffee to a whole other level. Here you can go ahead and experiment with different breakfast cuisines and include ready to eat mixes for all varieties. Give a pack of pancake and waffle mix, a small jug of maple syrup, and a small jar of preserves. Include a pack of coffee beans, tea leaves, or teabags, and you've got a complete meal to start the day. Some muffins, a jar or two or fruit preserves, some special more breakfast recipes and of course, an elegant set of plates and cutlery to eat it all in!

The fruit and wine extravaganza

This unique gift basket is for the more serious foodies who are true connoisseurs. Get a collection of wines, cheeses and fruits to match from around the country to make an intoxicating present that is worthy of a king. Throw in some chocolates and brownies too for good measure to create a truly sinful experience. But make sure you choose the combinations wisely.

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