Writing journal 3/30/14

Diary of a trouble kid
my favorite animal:The Tiger

Tiger is an unique animal. This the best predator.He could eat me in 20 seconds.The best thing is that if they eat a good meal they don't need to eat during a week.If you put another predator fight against this animal the tiger will win. It's big, strong and fast.The thing I must like from this animal is that his teeth are incredible. The force in his legs is amazing and it's beautiful.

  The only animal that could beat the tiger I think is the anaconda. If the tiger doesn't know how to defend himself the anaconda will kill it. If the tiger fights against a lion I think will win,even though the lion stronger the tiger have a lot of force.

For me the tiger is the symbol of Kung fu. Also a good symbol to never give up. Because the tiger fights until the end they fight until he is dead or the other animal.I wish I could have a tiger,but I give him orders.They kill when I say ,eat when I say everything that I say they need to accomplish that.

                                                     The End