Jose Alejandro Paz

One of my favorite foods are burgers. One of my favorites is Burger King. Others I like are McDonald's and Wendy's. Most of good hamburgers are not in Bolivia so I eat Burger King the most. My favorite Burger is the Whopper.

My favorite hobby is to ride my bike. I have a Trek bike a little too big but I ride it perfectly. I sometimes go to a plaza to ride. Sometimes I go to the Urubo to ride also. I fractured my arm riding bike.

My favorite two sports are Tennis and Soccer. My favorite Player is Messi. Also my favorite team is Barcelona. I do both sports in the Country Club Las Palmas. I really like playing both sports.


My favorite TV program is The Simpsons. My favorite character is Homer. I really like all the stupid things Homer does. One of my favorite movies is The Simpsons too. It is hilarious.

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