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Russians Gone Wild

After a brief truce, Ukraine's embattled capital has descended into running battles on the streets. Photo by David

Over the course of the year 2014 there has been a major crisis in the country of Ukraine has had many issue occur with Russia on questionable soil. Crimea has always been home to many Russians ever since it was willingly given to Ukraine. Now the Russian government wants to take back this land located near the Black Sea."the European Union and the U.S. may be facing a long confrontation with Russia over Ukraine"-Chancellor Angela Merkel

      There have been many violent otbreaks of Russian officers attacking Ukraine citizens in the Kiev square in Ukraine. (See in photo below). "20 February: Kiev sees its worst day of violence for almost 70 years. At least 88 people are killed in 48 hours. Video shows uniformed snipers firing at protesters holding makeshift shields."-BBC Europe.

Photo by: Cristopher Spencer

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