Adam Higdon: 1999-2004 Grainger Professional

Adam Higdon is an experienced and dedicated sales professional, someone who takes great pride in his work and who is able to establish meaningful and lasting relationships between his company and his clients. Known for his considerable professional prowess, communications skill and ability to improve his company’s bottom line, Higdon continues to be a part of Adobe’s Digital Media Optimization team.

Adam Higdon’s sales career began, in earnest, as a professional at Grainger. Higdon joined the Grainger team in 1999, working his way up the company’s corporate ladder by demonstrating his will, desire and capability to work hard, face challenges and continually perform at a very high level. His hard work and determination were rewarded by his employer with the position of Internet Sales Supervisor, which involved the management and support of what was then a 100 million dollar company website.

As Supervisor of Grainger’s Internet Sales, Adam Higdon carefully monitored the service levels for all incoming customer communications, including any by fax, phone, EDI and internet chat. He was also responsible conducting quarterly procedural audits to help ensure operational excellence throughout the company’s Call Center. He worked and collaborated with both Marketing and IS to develop a more commerce-friendly website, which earned his team recognition as producers of a B2B top 100 website.

As Internet Sales Supervisor, Higdon was integral to transforming the company’s website into a major source of profit, turning a site that pulled in $1 million in sales in 1999 to one that generated over $100 million in 2004.

Adam Higdon - Role Model

Adam Higdon is a Director of Digital Optimization at Adobe Systems. He lives and works in Chicago, where he was born and raised, and where he is raising three beautiful children of his own.

"My goal is to be the best Christian, husband, father, and employee that I can," he says, "and to model this behavior for my children, and to raise them to have far greater success than I have ever achieved." In this, Adam Higdon is like most parents; everyone wants their kids to have a better life than they have had. Some have had good habits ingrained in them from their own parents, and this is what he means when he says he is modeling ideal behavior.

Adam Higdon knows that it is within his power to raise successful children, and so he has committed himself to being the best role model that he can be. He is involved in as many of their activities as is possible, and says that he loves to watch his kids play soccer, football, and do gymnastics.

He encourages them to find the skills and interests that they feel most drawn to and to help them develop each of those skills to the best of their ability. At some point he knows that nature will take over, and that the skills that bring out their passions will end up being what they pursue for the rest of their lives.

Adam Higdon holds a degree in psychology which he earned at North Park University and Theological Seminary, where he graduated Cum Laude in 1998.

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