Healthy Summer Challenge for 3FC

Today Paulina and I will be talking about healthy drinks and bad drinks for you , you will also get to see 2  video about drinks that are good for kids for example if you are like Paulina's baby brother when he drinks pop he goes running all over the place and going crazy but if you drink water you will be normal  and healthy ! Good drinks have lots of engery you need but bad drinks don't ! GO 3FC   TO BE HEALTHY  we also have a chlange for you make a chart and write down what you ate that was healthy and if you ate some thing not healthy write that down to! SO BE HEALTHY!

unhealthy drinks

Unhealthy drinks are like Soda,Pop,Kool-aid and all types of drinks if you drink things like that you can get very sick like if you are a grown up and you drink achohall you have to be very carefull because if you drink to much achohall you can die or you will start acting very inapropret and crazy and also you will start throwing up like crazy so it is very important to keep healthy because it is important to your life but it is ok to have one of these drinks once and awhile but not all the time so that is  what we have to say about


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