Hunt for the Minerals in the Innuitian Mountains

Get Them All While They Last!

Welcome Wanderers,

       It looks like you have stumbled across our promotional flyer for Mineral Mining in the Innuitian Mountains brought you by Kronkos Mining Co. Our mine has a plethora of minerals you can find such as Gold, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Zinc and Diamonds. If you are wondering how this will work, well wonder no more. How this will work is, On June 18th 2015 Kronko's Mining Co will be hosting an event where all miners have a chance to dig up all the minerals. Every miner should have there own machinery and equipments such as a Longwall Machine which is useful for coal mining. A Continuous Miner machine where its a large rotation device the scrapes the land and gathers minerals. Nevertheless, you have to have proper machinery and safety equipment because we don't want to be responsible of any inflicted damage on you or your fellow miners. Every miner who doesn't have these machines will be able to RENT these machines for an hour. When your time runs out, YOU MUST RETURN TO THE FRONT, to either renew your item or to check it out. These rented machines are followed by the rules of "First Come First Serve." Every Miner has a number of years they have been mining such as 1-2 Years, 3-5 Years and 6+ Years. Every level of years mining there is a different mine for safety reasons. There is a form below to fill out to enter the event. Please fill everything in the form responsibly.

Physical Features

Obviously you have to know about the land, like the climate, landscape, vegetation and soil and the geology such as rock types. The climate of the Innuitian Mountains is extremely cold there are no signs of trees or wildlife since of the harsh weather. The landscape of this Land Form region is a mountainous terrain. There is no sign of vegetation because the land form region there is Perma-Frost which is layer of frost on the soil that is permanent throughout the year. The soil is also frozen since the soil turns into permanent frost which makes it impossible to have any signs of nature. The rock type of the Innuitian Mountains are sedimentary meaning the rocks are accumulated over time and keep getting compressed.

Human Activities

Well if your wondering what else can I do in this land form region, well wonder no more. In the Innuitian Mountains there are a good amount of recreational activities like skiing, snow shoeing and more. But looking in the main focus of why you have came here. In the Innuitian Mountains there are a plethora of minerals that you will find such as Gold, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Zinc and Diamonds.

Climate Change

Since in the Innuitian Mountains it is extremely cold. Miners might have a problem of being in the harsh weather making it harder to gather minerals. The machinery might get effected by the harsh weather like freezing up and malfunctioning. This weather makes everything uncomfortable because of its climate impacting every living thing.

Natural Disasters

Miners are warned the Innuitian Mountains has harsh climate. Making it hard to move around. There is a chance of avalanches of occurring because of the high elevations and abundant of snow. The way avalanches form is when snow accumulates on the top of the mountain and then when a weak layer of snow falls all the snow on top falls with it and that's how it is caused.

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By: Othman Mohamed  
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