By Joy Brennan


Inference: To arrive at a conclusion based off of details and logic.


“Michael, Michael wake up we are under attack!” I yelled trying to wake up my bunk buddy. It was December 7th 1941 and I was awakened by the sound of bombs going off. Running out of the building I saw six Japanese aircraft carriers...

~From this I can infer that the story is about two boys in the middle of a bombing at a boarding school or camp during world war II.

He took us to the back of the store and my dog started crying not a normal cry a cry I have not heard before. She didn't bark or moan she just cried. I was very nervous the man’s laugh sounded like an owl but it ended with a creepy screech...

~From this I can infer that there is something different about this man and that he might harm the main character.

The prestigious Nyhtstarr Academy has always raised excellent students that were equal in academics as in beauty. The humans think their world is perfect and clean. But what no one knows is that Earth has a dark, nasty secret...

~From this i can infer that the story is about a school that either teaches mythical beings or bewitches kids.

I infer that this man was riding his bike home from work based off of his attire and there was a rain storm causing him to slip and fall with his bike due to carrying a umbrella with one hand.

I infer that this cat's owner was playing with its cat when he decided to make a hat out of a melon. The cat is really annoyed with his newest accessory.

I infer that This elephant is seeing the ocean for the first time and he is really excited but tripped running to the water.

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