Chapter 4 Project Sports Team
Tim Goudemont
March 21, 2014

In this project I had to make a hierarchy about a sport. I chose the Dutch Soccer League. The hierarchy shows how it is organized. I included photos and places in Holland to make it more interesting and more visual. In conclusion I wrote a paragraph explaining how the hierarchy works in that sport.

The Dutch Soccer has two leagues, one is the Eredivisie League and the other one is the Jupiler League. Eredivisie has 18 teams and the Jupiler league has 10 teams. The Eredivisie League is the professional league in Holland, and the Jupiler league is the B league. There is also a knock-out league, and it is called the KNVB. In the KNVB, the two leagues of Holland play against each other, but once you lose, you get knocked out. The team that wins goes and plays another team, and this competition continues. The winner of the KNVB plays against the champions of the Eredivisie League, and that game is called the Johan Cruif Schaal (Cup).

This is the hierarchy I made

The following photos show some teams and stadiums in Holland that are in the Eredivisie League and in the Jupiler League.

This is Ajax Amsterdam's symbol and stadium (below). Ajax is currently in first place, and they are in the Eredivisie league.

This is the Feyenoord Rotterdam's symbol and the Feyenoord stadium (below). Feyenoord is currently in fourth place, and they are in the Eredivisie League.

This is AZ Alkmaar's symbol and stadium (below). Az is currently in seventh place. AZ is in the Eredivisie League.

This is PSV Eindhoven's symbol and stadium (below). PSV is currently in fifth place, and they are in the Eredivisie league.

This is F.C. Twente Enschede's symbol and stadium (below). Twente is currently in third place, and they are in the Eredivisie league.

This is Willem II Tilburg's symbol and stadium (below). Willem II is currently in first place, and they are in the Jupiler league.

This De Graafschap's symbol and stadium (below). De Graafschap is currently in second place, and they are in the Jupiler league.

This is VVV-Venlo's symbol and stadium (below). VVV-Venlo is currently tenth place. VVV-Venlo is in the Jupiler league.   

If you are interested to go to Holland, I will show you cities and maps of interest from the soccer teams. I hope you will go to these places if you go to Holland. The first one is in Amsterdam (below).

If you don't like going to a soccer game. I would recommend you to go to this shopping mall. Here you can get almost any brand you would like. This is in Rotterdam (below).

In Alkmaar, you can go out in a sunny day and see all the cheese and how they transported it in the past.

I enjoyed doing this project. It was really cool because my hierarchy shows the sport I chose.  I hope you understand the Dutch Soccer Leagues now. Maybe you can go to Holland sometime.

And remember….