Percent of Change of  Dr.Pepper
By: Brooklyn Jaworsky

Some cool things about Dr.Pepper: It  has been around since 1885 and was made in Waco Texas. It was the first most popular ever soda pop ever made in American history. It grew and is now the third most popular soda in North America. Now there are 8 different flavors!

What was Dr.Pepper like in 1970 to now? What was the percent of change in the cost, and why did it change?

I have chosen to do the date 1970 to compare to now. In 1970 the prices were only 5 cents a pop! It had become native to Waco and later became a national brand 0f soda. Today Dr.Pepper costs about $1.50 a can. Also it has 8 different flavors.

It increased about 2900% scince 1970. I believe that it is because of inflation. I was  shocked at how much the percentage had increased and did not expect two small numbers like this could come out in such a kind of bigger total of a change.

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I think in the futuer Dr.Pepper will be more popular and known and will cost more money and will possibly increase about 1,00% in 2020 and more people will be drinking it because it is a lot more popular now so the populatrity will be even more so.

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