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Luke n' Sabine n' Tyler
Mrs. Bethany Thornell
AP Language and Composition
22 April 2014

Arthur Miller after his first successful play "The Man who had all the Luck"

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A political cartoon designed around the idea of McCarthyism.

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As the paranoia of witches spread, more and more people (mostly women) were being condemned for being suspected witches; two hundred were accuse and twenty were executed. Not all citizens of Salem were pleased with the executions. Cotton Mather, a respected priest, pleaded to now allow "spectral evidence" (testimony of dreams and visions) to be admissible in court. Though first ignored, the revision was made to the execution of the innocent. After the paranoia subsided the town admitted their fault and attempted to make amends with the families of the accused.

Arthur Miller, a young playwright from New York City, led a very successful and mature career. From his first play, "The Man who had all the Luck", to his master piece, "The Crucible", he's political insight of his time became very clear through his plays. Through his influential powers Miller was a leading force in the disruption of the "Red Scare" and "McCarthyism"

Mather, a priest in the town of Salem, was a believer in the existence of witchcraft. He investigated the strange behavior of Betty Parris, Ann Putnam, Mercy Lewis, and Mary Walcott. After doctor examination, the girls' strange symptoms believed to have "foreign origin" and suspected dark magic. As symptoms seems to spread throughout the town, a West Indian slave girl (Tituba) was arrested due to her participation in dark magic. The paranoia of witches spread throughout the town very quickly in light of these first trials.

Hundreds of years after the Salem witch trails, groups are still targeted across America, and “burned” with prejudice and hate. Some of the most popular groups are the liberal media, the poor, and the overweight. Conservatives target liberal reporters and their networks, claiming they’re overly bias. Conservatives also believe a large amount of the population is undeserving of free housing, food and health care-- that the poor are feeding off of our government. Lastly, overweight people are targeted globally due to the misconception that all fat people choose to be overweight due to laziness and greed, when in many cases its genetic.

McCarthyism began through the idea that communism was moving into the U.S. Government. So young Joseph McCarthy led one sided debates or more like attacks on certain politicians or recent immigrants. Sadly, most of the accused were innocent and their lives here in America were cut short because of these accusations. This led to the infamy of Italian, Russian, and Chinese immigrants for decades after the scare.

Throughout history it’s very common for people to find someone to blame when they’re scared, similar to what happened to Sunil Tripathi. Tripathi how had no association with the crimes, was targeted after the Boston Marathon bombing due to his physical appearance, and found dead. Since 9/11 this has become very common due to the misconception of the danger that Muslims pose, when the crimes between these two groups typically occurs from the non-Muslims. This is largely due to the propagation of fear by the modern media in the pursuit of improved ratings. This leads to wrongful suspicion of the innocent.

McCarthyism or the idea that the people of America should assume that their leaders in congress believe in communism. Therefore as Americans we should give unfair trials or unjust sentencing to normally innocent people. This idea was founded during the red scare between the 1950 to 1956. McCarthyism was the reason for the annual blacklist of the time (a list marking people as no worth or communist) and the high amount of racism and nationalism. This concept led to the deportation of many innocent people and almost a complete restructure of the American Government.

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