Nathan servantez

12709 Gucci ave



My objective is to get through high school and collage graduating with a bachelor degree then joining the police academy graduating top 10 and applying for homeland security and eventually moving up


Elementary (edemere elementary)

Middle (Hernando middle school)

High (pebble hills)


3-6-07=present day

Owner Nate’s hotdogs


*multi-task *in shape *presuasive

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern:

I have known elijah for about a year Elijah has asked me to wright his letter of recommendation letter. Mondo is very opened minded he always try’s to see from other perspectives he very hands on and always try’s to do the right thing and he does his best to get what he wants. If he is very interested in the topic he will show full effort and will do more then what is intended to be done. Elijah is very persuasive when he wants to be or needs too he is very kind and helpful person. He is also the type of person the puts other people before him self and is a good listener. He gives the best advice for what he thinks is the right thing to do.

Elijah is someone you would like to hire and have on your team he works well with others but is more independent and doesn’t depend on anyone but definitely hire Elijah.

-Nathan servantez

Persuasive essay

The world need better people because today everyone just cares about himself or herself and don’t care for other people and so the world is becoming more independent and more and more people are choosing bad choices in life.

The world needs better people to help make a difference in other peoples lives and be the role models everyone looks up too and make the world a better place socially and environmental.

The reason the world needs better people are because everyone is fake and stuck up that they care for money and themselves. They also think the thug life is cool and make the bad choices they see on TV or read about and thinks it cool and ended up doing it and getting in trouble. People start riots and robbing people and killing people and doing drugs and ended up in jail.

And so we need these good people to set theses good example and show that you don’t always have to make the bad choices to look cool and to help them make good choices in life and reduce the amount of humble people in the world think about it wouldn’t the world be better with everyone successful in life and having what they want and when they want it and that is why we need better people in the world