Daniel Rodriguez      Age 21



August 15, 1864

I live with Phil Jackson, and my brother, Norm Hull is stationed in Pennsylvania.

Day 1

In the morning I started to do chores around the house. I went to go get food for my family too. I ate my breakfast and then went to work. I always like to help out our country by helping the war effort. Today I gave soldiers food, and I will offer to let them rest in my home. In the evening I finish up work, then I'll go home. I help make dinner, and get supplies we need, like wood. Then I eat dinner, and go to bed.

Day 2

Dear Norm Hull,

I hope you are doing alright. I've heard about the Battle of Gettysburg. I just wanted to make sure you were not hurt. Tell me how it has been. I just wanted to make sure you were alright.

Day 3

Today I woke up and fed my farm animals. I had to use the restroom after that, so I went outside. I also took a bath since it had been a week. Since it's just me and Phil living here I have to do most of the work. After my bath I washed clothes and had to haul in more water. To help the war effort today I gave them blankets and uniforms, and weapoons.  In the evening I came home and helped Phil clean the house. When I finished I went to take care of the horses, and then I came home and read a book. I brushed my teeth then went to bed.

Day 4

This is a letter from my brother.

Dear Daniel,

I did not get injured from the battle. Some of my friends were killed though. Thanks for writing to me. I have made it away from Gettysburg safely after the battle. I have to go. I hope to see you again soon.


Your Brother Phil

I was so happy to know that my brother was safe. I showed my friend Phil, who had to stay with me, and he was excited too. He told me that he heard the Union and Confederates were fighting again in another battle. If my brother is fighting there I hope he is safe.

Day 5

It was another day and Lincoln won the election. I was very happy about this.

First, Lincoln says that he isn't an abolitionist, but most people, like me, strongly believe that he is wanting to get rid of slavery very bad. This is a major plus for the Union on their mission on stopping slavery of the Confederacy. This a very big step in shaping our history.

Also, I think that this means that the Union will certainly win this battle! Abraham Lincoln is a way better leader than Jefferson Davis! Lincoln has traits like loyalty, confidence, and many other traits that make him as suited as the great George Washington to be president. This is not good for the south.

Two headlines I've seen for this major event are:

Glorious News!


Abraham Lincoln Elected President!!

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