Mountain Biking

In the Vancouver Island


In this Tackk you will learn about Mountain Biking. You will find out about the climate, rock types in the area, the landscape, vegetation and natural disasters. Also this Tackk will explain what mountain biking is and why Vancouver Island is one of the best places for it.

Mountain Biking

This video show the terrain of Vancouver island. It also shows how extreme mountain biking can be.

Mountain biking is a fun outdoor activity that is great for rough terrain. The Western Cordillera consists of rough and rocky terrain. Vancouver Island is mostly Rain forest, but the trails are magnificent and create a great riding experience. Vancouver Island has trails for everyone, whether you like downhill, cross country, or free ride.    

Map of Vancouver Island

This map shows the main cities/towns in Vancouver island.


Vancouver Island has moderate weather. The summers are nice and dry and the winters are mild. This is a great climate for outdoor activities. This climate is enjoyed year around. The Maritime climate makes about  254 cm of rain in one year. The amount of rain produced can affect mountain biking because the trail that someone is using can become extremely muddy and can make it harder to ride a bike. Also, major storms can stop businesses because of safety issues.   

This is a climate graph of a town in Vancouver island called Campbell river.

Rock Types

Since Coast Mountains were formed due to convergent plates, the pacific plate went under the north American plate, causing magma to rise to the earth’s crust, when it cooled, it formed the Coast Mountains.

Composed of Igneous and Metamorphic Rock

This is a Igneous rock
This is a Metamorphic rock


The Western Cordillera is composed of rocky mountains. This landscape makes the perfect terrain for mountain biking. The Vancouver Island is mostly covered by Temperate Rain Forests.    

This image shows the boundary of the Western Cordillera.  


Vancouver Island was once covered by British Columbia's southern rain forest. This rain forest contained cedar, Douglas fir, hemlock, and Sitka spruce, but because of clear cutting, most of the trees were cut from the whole island. The trees that are still growing on Vancouver Island are very old and tall.

Risk of Natural Distaster

In British Columbia, there is a major threat of earthquakes. Also, because of its maritime climate, British Columbia gets severe storms such as blizzards, heavy rain, hail, high pressure winds, etc. These weather conditions can close a mountain biking trail for 1 or more than 2 days.

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