Salmonella is a deadly disease that long-term damage you or cause death it is mostly in food because it causes food poisoning and 1 in 5 people in the u.s. get's sick from food poisoning so this is why you should be careful and prevent these diseases

this is a picture of a Salmonella disease it is gross and digust and deadly.

This is an up close and personal Salmonella disease and this is a deadly disease that don't look like it will hurt that but it will so carefully prepare your food so you won't get this terrifying disease.

salmonella in food

this is a Salmonella disease in nuts and you see it turnt the nuts green imagine that in your body and some symptoms are Fever,vomiting,massive Diarrhea,and Abdominal cramps. and it can be cured really by 5-7 days and most does not require treatment except oral fluids.

she got salmonella after eating at a fast food restaurant

this is the girl who got salmonella by eating a chicken twister from kfc she was only seven years old when she got the disease and this girl could've had a successful life she wanted to be a doctor but now she can't thanks to this stupid disease  this is why you should be careful preparing your foods

this is a video about salmonella

another video about salmonella

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