Jan 2016 Google Updates

Instant Commenting in Google Docs

You no longer need to highlight text, then go to Insert > Comment!  Since the update, all you need to do is hover over the edge of the page to make a small commenting icon appear. You can also highlight text to make this icon appear.  Less clicks = quicker to provide feedback to students! See screenshot below.

New Tools Making it Easier to Organize Files and Folders in Google Drive

If someone has shared a file with you, and it is one that you know you will want to easily find later, it is always a good idea to move it from Shared with me to My Drive. There is now an easy option to do this; use the Add to My Drive button found on the toolbar at the top of your screen!  You can choose to move the file or folder to My Drive, or you can move it to a folder you have set up in My Drive by clicking Organize, an option that appears when you click the My Drive button.

Additionally, if an item from Shared with me is already in My Drive, you can now easily move it inside a folder by clicking on the Move to button.

Both of these buttons will make it easier to keep My Drive tidy and it will be easier to find the files you need. These two buttons are also available in the Recent and Starred views. Get to know these two buttons! See screenshot below.

This isn't new....
but you may not know about it!

Did you know that as the owner of a Google file, you can prevent others from sharing, downloading, printing, or copying it?  There are two settings hidden in the sharing Advanced menu:

- Prevent editors from changing access and adding new people

- Disable options to download, print, and copy for commenters and viewers

How can I help?

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