Darn it! I'm late for school again. This is the fifth time this has happened. I rush through the door as fast as I can.

I hope nobody noticed I was gone. Who am I kidding... they already probably took attendance. When I get to class I'll be that awkward person standing in the doorway clutching my books and computer close to my chest, then taking my seat and covering my face in embarrassment. I'll have to make up an excuse for why I was late. If they knew the real reason I was, I'd be a laughing stock for months...

The hallways are dark, the lights are so dim and flickering that I have no idea where I'm going. Where is everyone? Why are the halls so empty? Not only that, but the atmosphere is so cold I'm shivering as I walk. I can feel my pace quickening, as I'm in a rush to get to my class.

This morning I remember waking up at 8:05, my bedsheets were kicked off of me. I probably did it in my sleep. But I was so cold that my fingers and toes were white. I took a hot shower and ran to school. I was sweating when I arrived(at 9:13). But after walking aimlessly through these cold halls, all of my sweat had turned to ice.

I arrive at my class, 2nd hour. Everything is dark and there's nobody around. Could everyone had went on a field trip? Could they be outside? No... I would have known about it. Just yesterday I remembered looking at the announcements and seeing there was nothing special this week. Just the same old lunch menu and sport activity updates. Nothing unusual...

Still. Not a single person at school? So strange. I decide to turn around and walk to check a different class.

I arrive to my next class. Still, nobody there. I look under tables and I search the teacher's office. Nothing. Zip. I hang my head in disappointment. Surely by now there would have been someone around, right? To tell me what's going on?

With a heavy heart I turn and decide to check the gym. Perhaps the P.E. teacher is there and can tell me what's going on.

As I rush down the halls, cold sweat drips down my forehead. I notice a figure walk from the girl's locker room to the hall that meets the Agriculture classroom. I run to them, whoever it may be, they may know directions. "Hey!" I call out, "Hey I need help! Where is everyone?"

My shoes squeak as I turn the corner, following him, "Wait up! Can you tell me what's going on? Where is everyone?"

The person turns to me. I notice my gym teacher, Mr. Slifka, "There's... no school today. It was cancelled."

I widen my eyes from this discovery. Surely I would have gotten something on my phone. My phone! I reach into my pockets and unlock my iPhone. I notice a message that reads: "KWWL: Howard-Winn classes cancelled today due to tornado storm. Stay safe!"

I hit my palm against my forehead and put my phone back into my pocket. Why didn't I just check my phone? Am I stupid?

"Do you need a ride home?" Mr. Slifka asks, "The storm is coming soon."

I turn around and wave to him goodbye, "No thank you! I live really close by. Thanks anyways!" I turn toward the main entrance and walk out the building. The sky is yellow overhead. I know I have to get home soon.