Molotov Mitchell

Molotov Mitchell: Member of Mensa

Molotov Mitchell tested into Mensa six years ago. Mensa is a society for high-IQ individuals that has been committed to fostering human intelligence and the betterment of society as a whole using human intelligence. In order to join Mensa, applicants have to test into the 98th percentile of its standardized intelligence test. Mitchell, the successful businessman of Raleigh, North Carolina and owner of Triangle Krav Maga, the most prominent Krav Maga school in the area, has spent time overseas training people in developing nations how to defend themselves using the Israeli hand combat technique and spreading awareness of human trafficking, is proud to be a member of Mensa.

What is truly remarkable about this brilliant individual is that he skipped college after high school. Instead of taking on massive student debts to attend a traditional four-year university, Mitchell spent a year living with Raleigh’s homeless population to learn about what affects their world and how best to help. As Mitchell puts it, “I skipped college to get an education.” He moved on from there to marry his wife Patricia and start a film company. Their films have won awards and been seen by millions of people online all over the world. Mitchell then opened his chain of Krav Maga schools in the Triangle area to make sure that everyone in his community had the opportunity to learn comprehensive self defense techniques and get a rigorous workout in the process.

Molotov Mitchell lives happily in Raleigh, North Carolina with Patricia and their two-year-old daughter, Ivy.

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