The History of Coffee (and facts)

Where Did Coffee Originate From?

      The origin of coffee is said to come from the Arabian Peninsula, or the Ethiopian Highlands. Legends say that a man named Kaldi noticed that his goats (when they ate this certain berry from a tree) became so energized that they din't even fall asleep at nightfall. So Kaldi presented the berry to a monastery to test it's effects on people, so they made a beverage out of it; and it had the same energizing effect that it had on Kaldi's goats. At this time, word of coffee and its effects had spread all across Arabia and everyone knew about the mysterious dark drink with revitalizing effects.

      How coffee spread even further than Arabia was from merchants and traders from different regions of Asia, such as the English. English travelers would come to Arabia in search of things like fame and fortune. They would then come into contact with coffee which they would bring stories of it home with them as they returned to their homeland. In this manner many travelers from different countries would hear about coffee and spread it to every corner of Asia. Soon enough all of Asia knew about the infamous drink, however the spread would not stop there.

      Now time skip to when the New World was born. When early English settlers came to America, they did not only bring their families and cattle; but also their ideas, which included coffee. So coffee had all of it's "roots" in every single nook and cranny of the world and is still a well known (and very favored) drink of today.


What Are the Parts of a Coffee Plant?

     The parts to the coffee plants aren't really that complicated or anything to be awed about. Its kind of like the average plant that you would see in every day life. The Coffee plant has three parts, the stem, the fruit/flower, and the leaves just like any other plant.

     The coffee plant has a common leaf shape which is the spear shape, and the fruit (which is where the coffee beans come from the plant) are round and go through three color changes, from green to yellow and finally to red which is it's ripe stage.


Coffee Health Problems

    Coffee, even though it might be your go-to morning drink; has many health problems that come with it if you were to overdose on it. One of the these health problems is addiction. When you are addicted it is hard to give up on coffee, and lets just say you were to get up in the morning and realize that you forgot to go buy coffee the other day, your body would not be used to not having coffee and therefore your body will feel sluggish and miserable for the rest of the day. This is because your body is used to being "powered up" by the caffeine obtained from the coffee. But now that the caffeine has suddenly disappeared, your body has to slowly work back to the state of being awake again.

Places With the Most Coffee Consumption

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