My name is gavin

This is my life

I live with my mom,grandma,little brother,a dog ,two kittens,and a bird.I was born

 October 16,2002

Events in my life

This is me sitting in my favorite chair I do homework in this chair and I also it eat dinner here because I can watch T.V while eating so I don't get bored but I will most of the time watch videos on my I pad.

This is the famous dome church in Cologne, Germany. Also this church is 750 years old! Most of my family lives in Germany. I visited Germany last summer of 2013.

This is me in Monchengladbach, Germany. I am in a giant plastic ball in a pool were most of the time you would fall down.

My favorite sports are soccer and football.

Me and my brother enjoy cub scouts. My mom also takes us out to camping trips with other scouts.

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