I need, I mean you need me to go to the new world.

Samuel de Champlain

Dear King Henry the Fourth,                                                                                          Oct. 31 1603

                    I need to, I mean you need me to go to the new world. My name is Samuel de Champlain, you can call me Sam, that is the new nickname I got from my daughter. My experience as a ship captain's son and the navigator of Francois GravĂ© Du Pont's journey in 1603, is just what you need. I can professionally lead 3 ships, and I shall not commit treason like an explorer from England or Spain. That is because I was born here in your lovely kingdom of France, I would never betray the country I have lived in all my life. I will claim anything you would like in the new world, I would want riches and plants as well as spices. Oh, I mean  I would get you riches, land, and the fur that you have been desiring. Speaking of fur, I think it would be best to go in the northern part of the New World, that will be where Indians will live who might have fur to trade. If it is not cold in the northern part of the New World like it is in northern France, we might have a problem. As you already know,England and Spain are also exploring the New World. I have heard they are searching for land and riches. I doubt that they would follow us into the cold, so I do not think we will have any issues of running into them. If we do, I will try to be kind and offer peace, if peace is not accepted, I will create and ask for ssuch weapons, that one look at them will send the enemy running! This goes for the Indians as well, although I would like to try to make peace with them more than once. We need their fur, don't we? If climate becomes a problem I will use  the hopefully newly found fur. If we have no fur, I will have to ask the Indians. If disease becomes a problem, I will have doctors at the ready or I would ask Indians for herbs or healing. I am sure you understand hoe much I want to, I mean how much you need me to go after finishing this letter. So, go ahead and give me the funds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sincerely,                                                                                                                                Samuel de Champlain

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