my strengths may include:

  • Being well organized and prepared.
  • Making reasonable decisions based on collecting lots of facts.
  • Presenting yourself as a hardworking, responsible person.
  • Setting realistic goals and making sure you meet all important deadlines.
  • Completing all applications and paperwork thoroughly.

my blindspots may include:

  • Closing out options prematurely and making decisions too quickly.
  • Being unwilling to explore possibilities you haven't previously considered.
  • Not anticipating how decisions you makes now, may impact your future.
  • Being too serious, and not friendly or enthusiastic enough in conversations.
  • Focusing too much on details, and not presenting yourself as a well-rounded person.

my Preferred Learning Style:

  • Plenty of opportunity for interaction with others.
  • Clear expectations and explicit instructions.
  • Emphasis on the practical value of what you are learning.
  • Frequent feedback to make sure you're doing assignments correctly.
  • A focus on what's real: facts and details rather than abstract theories.
  • Rewards for being responsible, hardworking, and meeting your goals.

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