DMPS Trailblazer Application

Sufan Huang

Sufan Huang serves as

Walnut Street School Pre-k to 5th grade/ Mandarin Chinese

Sufan Huang has studied:

  • University of Shenzhen (China): English Literature
  • University of Kansas: Foreign language education(Chinese K-12 License)
  • Teaching English as second language(License)
  • Middle School Math (License)
  • International Baccalaureate Level 1 training
  • Classroom management workshops
  • Chinese language teacher workshops

Sufan Huang’s experience with Technology in teaching:

  • Developing program website to enhance students’ learning outside of classroom.
  • Picture editing tools (, coreldraw) to create teaching materials
  • PPT story books
  • Screencast-o-matic
  • Windows movie maker
  • (
  • Android Chinese learning apps

Area like to improve: I would like to create more interactive activities, games, quizzes, etc. to help students to practice vocabulary and sentences in each units. During class session, students would practice as a whole group or small group; however, because of only one hour instruction time each week, there is not much individual instruction. I have posted the learning materials on our program website, it would be helpful if there are more interactive activities students could do at home to reinforce what they learn in class.

A failed situation: I have wanted to use more computer devices during class, so that each student would have access to learning to type Chinese, listening to more authentic material. However, due to limit number of computer devices in the building, as well as software downloading policy, this hasn’t become a reality so far.

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3 years ago

Sufan is a strong collaborator with a unique perspective that pushes everyone to be better. In the time I have known and worked with her, she has always strived to incorporate technology opportunities into her daily instruction. Students are very responsive to the many tech strategies/opportunities Sufan builds into the day for them.

3 years ago

Sufan is very innovative when it comes to integrating technology into her classroom. She has created an engaging website to support her students' growth in Mandarin vocabulary outside of the classroom. This website has grown to be very popular among the Walnut Street School community. Sufan has also been very receptive to our district's new technology. She has created several SMARTboard lesson plans to use with her students and is constantly seeking out new opportunities to incorporate technology in her classroom. Sufan would be an inspiring asset to the DMPS Trailblazers team. -Amy Laug, IB Coordinator, Walnut Street School

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3 years ago

I have known Sufan for three years. She has always been very curious about how to incorporate technology into her teaching practice. She has borrowed ideas from me and improved on them.