Every day at 6:00 am I wake up and get ready for school. It’s kind of hard to get up at 6 every morning; I just wish that they could back up the time for school. While I’m getting ready school I turn on the TV and  watch the news. I have an hour to get ready for school, so my bus comes at 7. When I’m on the bus I use my phone till I get to school at 7:30. When I’m on my phone I usually play games, texting my friends and listening to music. At 7:45 I watch TV and eat breakfast. From 7:55 am to 9:30 am in  first block class which is biology, we use the computers and the smart boards to complete our work.My second block is from 9:32 to 11:02 am which is Math III, we use the computers to help solve our math problems. After second block we are in lunch for 30 mins, Once we finish eating lunch we go to lunch and learn and get on the computer and go to classworks. Next from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm I'm in my personal finance class. In my personal finance class we learn about how to manage your money. Last but not least is my SciVis class which is from 1:34 pm to 3:04. In my SciVis class we use the computers more than any of my other classes. This class is mainly about doing digital things on the computer. When I get out of school I stay on my phone texting and searching the web. When I arrive at home I go and watch TV and get the laptop ready so I can  start on my homework. I watch TV until it’s time for me to go to bed which is around 10:30. This schedule never changes unless I have band practice after I get home. Practice if from 3:45 pm-5:00pm.

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