Sailing Trip with Irina & Calin

Saturday, August 2, 2PM

  • When: Saturday, August 2. We meet at 2PM. We'll be back by ~8-9PM/before it gets dark.
  • Where: Shilshole Bay Marina, 7001 Seaview Ave NW #100Seattle, WA 98117. There is free parking at the marina. We meet in front of the Seattle Sailing Club.
  • Who: we'll be 8 people: Irina & Calin, Stephanie & Anthony, Liz, Diane, Miranda, Joe.
  • What: we'll sail out of the marina, sail around in Puget Sound. We can go to Blake Island and dock there and have a picnic, or stay on the boat, depending on what you guys prefer.
  • What to bring: comfortable clothing, appropriate for warm weather, but also something layered in case it gets cooler. You can bring swimsuits if you want, the weather forecast is really warm. Some food & drinks for yourself/to share, we'll eat/snack on the boat or on Blake Island.
  • On day of, if you need more info, call Irina 206-747-6755.
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something to om nom nom.

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