What are they?

Love--The relationship almost all of us crave. It's heartwarming and you just think of having fun. But they're not all fun and games, real relationships go through trouble but always get through it. (This picture is absolutely adorable!)

Brother and sister--You might hate your siblings but they're important to you. Friends and relationships will go away but you will always have your siblings. They will get on your nerves but they will always be there.

Pets--It's been proven that pets help a lot with stress and depression, and that just shows they're a great relationship to have. Younger kids with pets usually develop a bond with them right away and it's completely adorable(like the picture, aww) but not everyone likes pets.

Best friends--The person/people you can be yourself around, and won't judge you. You can just go out and have a fun night, or just stay in and watch movies or something and still enjoy yourself. But like the love caption, they take work too. You can lose your best friend if you're not careful.

Co-workers--I don't know much about this one but I've been told that they contribute to your life a lot. You may not like them but you still need to work with them. You are a team and you need to at least know how to work together to get your job done.

Classmates--Now almost everyone hates 99% of their classmates but you need to know how to communicate without being rude just so you can develop those communication skills that contribute to the co-workers later in life.  

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