Belshaw TG-25 Thermoglaze Donut Systems - Stratton Sales

Stratton Sales provide new Belshaw TG-25 Thermoglaze system is a complete donut production system. With a built in thermolizer that thaws and conditions donuts, a 20-30 minute thaw is typical. Maintains condition of donuts typically 5 hours or more. Its built in infrared/convection oven has an automatic conveyor. The built in "waterfall" style glazer has a heavy duty sanitary pump to circulate glaze. The TG-25 comes with adjustable speed and temperature controls so you can completely manage your donut production.


  • A screen of donuts takes less than 5 minutes to reheat and glaze. Capacity is up to 25 dozen/hour for the whole process.


  • Uses 12.5" x 17" glazing screens (36 recommended)


  • Occupies 13 sq ft (1.2 m2)