Planning for Harmony in Urban Transportation - Karl Fritschen

A major component of Karl Fritschen’s work as a city planner is integrating the flow of traffic and transportation routes with effective and safe pedestrian walkways, bikeways and recreational areas. Karl’s ability to work collaboratively with other departments in Owasso, OK. resulted in critical changes in Owasso’s street design. “I worked in partnership with the Public Works Department to help develop a complete streets concept…This work resulted in the engineering design of two new complete street projects.” Karl’s concern with transportation design began early in his career in North Carolina. “I…served with a transportation advocacy group called University City Partners in Charlotte, NC.” During Karl’s tenure at the Association for Central Oklahoma Governments, he worked for the betterment of Oklahoma City drivers and pedestrians. “My role…was to help update the regional transportation plan called the Oklahoma City Area Regional Transportation Plan. I collected all the land use data from surrounding jurisdictions for the transportation model. Each land use was assigned a traffic generation or attraction number, and this was fed into the model and then assigned to the road network. This information allowed one to see what roads were at or nearing capacity so that they could be potentially incorporated into the Transportation Improvement Plan.”

Simultaneously in Oklahoma City, Karl worked for the safety and efficient cycling of local bikers. “Another significant project I worked on was preparing the regional bicycle plan. This involved working closely with adjoining jurisdictions and identifying corridors and on street locations best suited for bicycle and pedestrian facilities.”

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