J. Balvin Artist

William Gonzalez

José Álvaro Osorio Balvín, also known as J Balvin is a Colombian reggaeton singer. Balvin was born in Medellian, the largest city of Antioquia, where he became interested in rap, dancehall, champeta and bachata at a young age. This artist is important because he signifys the bachata and reggaeton genre.

Birth date of J Blavin is on May 7, 1985.

Red area marks the region J. Balvin lived as a child and was born at.

This artist is known to be famous for his song called " Yo Te Lo Dije" and " Tranquilla".

J Balvin was featured on the Colombian version of "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell Williams & T.I.

J Balvin is also featured in the Colombian remix of "The Way" by Ariana Grande.

(Adult Version of J Balvin)

J. Balvin became famous because of his song called "Yo Te Lo Dije" released on April 24, 2012.

Map of city were J Balvin became famous for his hip-hop/rap culture.

Five important facts about J. Balvin:

1. J Balvin began his musical career with CDM Group Crew. Today is part of University of the Street (Universidad de la Calle,an association of street artists) that it believes is composed of the best Rap and Reggaeton group in the city of Medellin.

2. J. Balvin traveled to the United States in a cultural exchange, where he had opportunity to study the English language, which speaks and writes fluent normal.

3. J. Balvin also studied International Business, songwriting and composing.

4. J. Balvin's record labels are EMI Latin, and EMI.

5. Top 2 albums are El negocio, and La familia.

#1 Video signifys his top video that made him famous.

J. Balvin's second video that made him even more famous then his #1.

Best known for his two songs won a hip-hop award for the regatton genre.

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