Legacy project by Casey.

"If you want to be happy make others happy first"

In today's society I present myself as confident, honest and optimistic. I am outspoken and confident, I say what needs to be said and I speak up for people who are to shy to speak up. I am honest because it's unexpected these days and it's quite funny, my honesty sometimes comes off as disrespectful, but I promise I never use my honesty as an excuse to be rude. Finally I am optimistic. I always look on the bright Side of things, I like to make people happy and when i do I feel accomplished something good (like a pay it forward thing) even when I am unhappy, I don't show it. I believe that to the right person I am an honest, confident and optimistic person.

If I could portray a different person my personality would be he polar opposite of myself. I would be nice to everyone even if they're not polite, ignoring me or being condescending. I would be quite and mind my own buisness. Having any of these qualities would (in my mind) be boring, I don't want to be an introvert or unfair. I would rather be myself.

My opinion I am seen as the person I am. I may be seen as a rude child that's only if I see something wrong or unfair. I like to think I am optimistic because I'm rarely put in a bad mood and I'm goofy and sarcastic. Seeing someone unhappy makes me uncomfortable, I don't usually know how to help them so I just try to cheer them up. I am determined(aka stubborn) because when I want something I won't stop until I'm done. I can't just move on from one thing to another without finishing my first project. Call me rude , overly-happy or stubborn, I'm okay with being seen this way because I know these are also my strengths.

My social media 'legacy' is mainly on my twitter. On twitter I tweet when I am doing something cool, when someone bugs me (subtweet) or when I think of something clever etc. Twitter is like my diary except everyone can see it so it's not much of a 'secret' diary. I do somwtimes contact my family through face book since non of them really know how to text. My social media 'legacy' on twitter is that I tell people about my life.

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