BROTHER Girlfriend  

eat, bath,fire guns, take water to people

feed the animals, cut grass,eat,shop,

I help today because I took water to troops, and I'm  getting meat for the war from

my cows

Dear Brother I hope that you are doing well in the army I heard of A recent battle called The battle of bull run  in the newspaper headed the big run so I hope to see you soon be safe      

I gave money to a family that lost someone in the war, I saw a southern spy and I killed him, I gave guns to people to arm themselves for the war                                                                                                                                                       

When I read the letter I got from my brother almost made me cry, He said that he had no motivation but after reading my letter he knew what he was fighting for also he talked about the war that he was in called the battle Gettysburg  

It is a shame that the greatest president the would have ever seen got assassinated on April 14, 1865 shortly after 10 p.m. It is also a shame that he will never see what he got us through.

It is all because of one man named Wilkes  Booth the well known  actor. If if was not for him who knows what he could do in the future. The most tragic thing is that his family will be with out a father.

I remember seeing the heading of a newspaper it said  The Hero Has Fallen. When I say the heading I knew who the hero was I almost started to cry but I just keeped saying no that this is not real and its just a dream so I cep walking. Until I saw another newspaper heading called The Presidents assassination. I started to ball my eyes out when I saw that heading. I will never forget that day.    

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