Does your age affect if you smoke or not?

By: Nia John, Samantha Del Rosario and Charlotte Cunsolo

We wanted to find out how a persons age affects their decision on smoking. We surveyed people ranging from the ages of 14 through 41 to make sure that we got varied data so that we were able to get accurate information. This problem is important because we believe that people who start smoking at a young age will continue to smoke through out their life time. This can lead to diseases such has different types of cancer.

We surveyed kids and adults in TYWLS to see if they smoke. Our results and data is shown below.

Our  Prior Research

Nearly 9 out of 10 adult smokers started before the age of 18.Every day, almost 3,900 adolescents under 18 years of age try their first cigarette. More than 950 of them will become daily smokers.We also noticed alot of videos of people who are smoking at a  very young age.

The Project

Shown below, we have a box plot of our data representing the people of TYWLS of Astoria who do smoke. The kids who smoke range from ages 16 and 17. We did not have a wide set of data for this graph but, from the data that we collected we saw that a lot of the students in Tywls do not smoke. We also saw that we could not really make a general assumption for the people who smoke in the TYWLS of Astoria school because in the school, ages range from 11-18. We only have yes data from ages 16-17. We can conclude that the people who do smoke, are not under the age of 16. The students who do smoke are in the 10th  through 12th grades.

Here, we have the box pot of our data of the people in TYWLS who stated that they don't smoke. As you can see, not many students in TYWLS  smoke from the ages of 14-17. The majority of the kids and adults we surveyed said no. We have concluded that most of the people at this school (TYWLS of Astoria) do not smoke.

                 This is our Frequency for this data as well. In this frequency table you can see how many people smoke in each age.  Ages 14 & 18-41 do not smoke. Yet, we do not have a big number of people who took the survey, being that age, so our data isn't so accurate. Here you see that the most people who smoke are 17 years old. The least amount of smokers are 14 and 17. This frequency table shows the percentages of how many people smoke or do not smoke, t the total number of people surveyed.

In this frequency table we calculated the percentage of people who do smoke and people who do not smoke for each age group. We found the percentage of the total number of people who said yes and the total number of people who said no for each age. This is our results.


Based on the data we collected we came to the conclusion that not many people smoke here in TYWLS of Astoria. We Could not make a assumption on the school because we did not get enough data. People either didn't feel comfortable answering truthfully or people just didn't want to. We surveyed 52 people from this school and there is a total of 576 students in high school, not including teachers. That is not enough data to come to a decent conclusion about teen smoking in our school.

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