Ötzi's life

Past Life    

Otzi was found by two hikers that had gone off trail in switzerland in september 1991. Otzi when found was said to look like a school boy who had fell asleep on his stomach. His body was taken to scientists to have his body examined and here is what they found:

> he was actually 5,200 years old, which was amazing since his body was so well preserved.

> he measured 5'2 in height and looked like a modern olympic wrestler.

> he had tattoos all over him.

> He had arrowheads on him and ax nearby and had grass mohicans

scientists then just assumed that he had died up in the mountain and put him back in a freezer. Once Switzerland found out that the investigation was over they said that they should get the body but Italy also wanted it. In the end Italy ended up getting the body since the body was 92 meter on Italy's land when discovered.

Scientists took x-rays and kept looking at them, one realized that there was something lodged in otzi's left shoulder. they rushed him to a hospital to have a full cat scan done on him. once the report came back they were amazed, what they had thought had happened to otzi was all wrong. there was a stone arrow lodged in his left shoulder.  also they found that he had severe abdominal and rib fracture, his head is actually busted, and his arm had been slashed. they were able to say for sure the body was wounded 3-4 days before death. they were also able to get to otzi's stomach and found that there was pollen in his gut, which meant that this all happened in the june, since that specific pollen found in his stomach is only in bloom in june. after much more discovery and dissecting they were able to get this: otzi had been high up in the mountain and had come down to his village,then within a 24hr range his village was attacked and in that attack he got the very painful slash on his arm, causing him to frantically run up the mountain, he was able to escape and get a couple days out of danger, while in a cave that he found he is able to have his last meal of lamb. When otzi isn't looking someone comes from behind and shoots him with a stone arrow. that arrow causes a cardiac arrest and makes him bleed to death. The person who shot him also took a rock and bashed his head in. Since otzi was so high up in the snow kept him preserved and the thawing made it so that the body didn't fall apart and that cycle kept going until two unsuspecting hiker decided to go off trail and stumbled across his body.

                       Eric and helen Simon                          (the two hikers who found otzi)


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