Advice and Gratitude

Strategy #1:

Think of a good memory that you've had in the past and made you laugh.

Strategy #2:

Always remember that there is someone in the world going through worse situations then you do but they still choose to smile through the pain instead of shedding tears.

Strategy #3:

Take a deep breath in and out. Let everything go. Smile your and be happy your beautiful. Never let anybody still your joy.

5 Things I'm Thankful For

- being able to go to school and get an education

- having a supportive mother and teachers behind me

- having a job that puts money in my pocket

-my best friend who I love so much

- a house, clothes, shoes, save place to lay my head and a cooked meal on the table at night.

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3 years ago

Lovely sentiments! In the future, consider how you can use color, picture, music, etc. to support your words.