By: Abby P and Casie W.

Ball-and-socket Joints

The knob on the locker is able to turn all the way around.

The brown trash can when you throw away your trash it goes in one direction, when you hit it hard enough it can go in a full 360°.

We noticed that the click moves in a 360°, just like a ball and socket joint .

Pivot Joints

Books flip open to a full 180 degrees, opening up and closing.

The door to the library moves 180 degrees (not fully so bad example)

The lid to the recycling been flips 180 degrees.

Hinge Joints

This door opens up 90 degrees moving on a hinge.

The benches on the seats flip up and down to a 90 degree angle.

This trash can only moves in a 90 degree fashion.

Gliding Joints

It's only moves up and down.

We used the sliding glass because we saw how it only moves left to right. It doesn't slide up or down. It doesn't turn or move in circles it just slides side to side

We used the elevator because we noticed on how the elevator moves up and down and not the other ways. It doesn't move in circles or sideways. That's what makes it like a sliding joint.