Informal Post #1

What change in Ontario education has had the most significant effect in your role as a classroom teacher?

Education directly influences students’ life chances – and life outcomes. Today’s global, knowledge-based economy makes the ongoing work in our schools critical to our students’ success in life and to Ontario’s economic future. As an agent of change and social cohesion, our education system supports and reflects the democratic values of fairness, equity, and respect for all. The schools we create today will shape the society that we and our children share tomorrow.(Ontario Ministry of Education, 2009, p. 6)

Teacher is becoming...

  • a facilitator more than an expert, even in upper years as students prepare for post secondary….
  • more aware of learning skills  as success indicators, and structures activities that are rooted in  collaboration and self regulation
  • learning goal and success criteria oriented
  • versed in universal design to account for differentiated needs
  • open to technological supports to achieve all of these things

Democratization of education has two sides:

The Good

honorable goal of equity within the school system to reach every particular child, particularly important in a pluralistic society

student centred, self paced, hands on, project based, audience specific, less theoretical and more real world learning

The not so clear

democratization of curriculum (i.e. Canon)

democratization of forms (listicles vs.  standard essay)

tensions of technologies that are useful  for feedback but cost a lot of money and need serious upgrading...