Elvis was a pretty popular singer in the 1960s.

The Beatles were a very popular band but they came from Great Britain.

Don McLean STARTED writing the song American Pie in 1969 and finished it in 1971.

Jackson 5 was a VERY famous band through 1960-1968.

One of their most famous songs is I Want You Back.


Here are some invention invented in the 1960s. The Hand Held Calculator

Another invention is the smoke alarm

One more invention is the soft contact.


Here are some foods that were created in the 1960s. Fondue is one

This was a very popular food: Iceberg Wedge Salad.

This was a VERY VERY VERY popular drink in the 60s: Tang. It is called the "Space Age Drink" but it wasn't actually invented FOR the space program.


Here is a STILL popular board game that came out in the 1960s

Another AMAZING game made in 1966 is Rock em' Sock em'.

This was the BEST toy EVER... Lincoln Logs.

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