QCSD Connected Educator Challenge


Creating connections, a culture of collaboration, and sharing our learning, one tweet at a time. #qcsd

How can I become a connected educator and participate in the QCSD Twitter Challenge?

1) Create an account and begin to play. Use the Tutorials page  on the qcsd twitter challenge website for help.  Add your name to this list.

2) Look at the Weekly challenges on the left side of the website to stay on top of the #(hashtag) of the week as well as who to follow.  Do as many of the challenge activities as you feel comfortable with and are able to do.  

3) Using the weekly challenges, look for ways to share what is happening in your classroom and school. Highlight your sucesses. Share things that interest you and are  important to you and might be interesting and important for other educators like you.  

4) Make time to read your twitter feed.  Some people make time each day. Some people check it out once or twice a week.  Some people explore first thing in the morning. Some people read at night. Some people do it in short spurts throughout the day. No matter what works for you, carve out some time to learn and connect with one another and the world beyond #qcsd.  You will get out of it, what you put into it.

5) Have fun. Ask for help. Help each other. Connect. Share. Learn.
To learn more, view this brief overview of the website and its intended use.

Join us for an hour long session using Blackboard Collaborate to kick off the QCSD Twitter Challenge.

When:Wednesday March 6th from 8-9pm and/or

Monday  March 11th from 8-9pm

Where: online (use this link for Wednesday March 6th)
                            (use this link for Monday March 11th)

What: Learn about the QCSD Twitter Challenge as well as some twitter basics.

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