The Aztec

The origins of the Aztec are uncertain. The aztec consolidate their rule over much of what is modern Mexico. The new kingdom was not a centralized state but a collection of semi-independent territories that local lords governed. The Aztec ruler supported these rulers in return for tribute. The Aztec believed in many goods. The Aztec first saw Spanish explore in the 1500s.

1. Capital city of Tenochtitlan where the present day Mexico City is located. Even the Mexican were not culturally homogeneous - some researchers believe that as many as seventeen.

2. Aztec clothing was generally loose fitting and did not completely cover the body.

3. Corn, Soup, pozole and Vegetables.

4. They cultivated numerous varieties of corn, as well as many other crops including beans, amaranth and squash.

5. The warrior was a glorified position in the society.

6. Most believe the Aztec civilization originated in the area of present day Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Colorado.

7. Ometecuhtli and his female counterpart, Omecihuatl, represented the primordial forces of nature and duality, and were the parents of many of the other major gods.

8. About 1111 CE, a group of clans who would become known as the Aztec or Mexica began their migration from their homeland which they described as an island in a lake named Aztlan.

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