Combustion Assessment Preparation

You have today's lesson to PLAN out your assessment for the Chemical Change topic. The focus of this assessment is to explain combustion. The assessment will be done on Monday's lesson and this will be to produce a poster (see the information on the screen shot below).

Read through all the information on this presentation. You may use this and your class notes to help you today, but you MUST work in SILENCE. On Monday you may ONLY use what you produce in THIS lesson to help you (no iPad or class book!).

Your work will be collected in at the end of the lesson and will be marked for you by Monday's lesson.

Assessment Information:

Remember: you are NOT making a poster today! Today you are working through the planning materials and producing material to help to create the poster on Monday.

Level Ladder:

Please note level 8 is at the bottom!

Help Material:

Today's Task:

Work through the double-sided sheet, giving as much information as you can. Then add your own additional notes to this sheet (using the level ladder to guide you as to what will be useful to have). Remember you will ONLY have this sheet to help you on Monday!

Do not rush through this task, take your time to give as much detail as you can so that these notes can be as useful as possible for you on Monday.

Remember: keep using the level ladder - this is what you will be marked against. The students who gain the highest levels as the ones who use the level ladder effectively!


Use the following image to help you to SELF assess your notes from today. The image is about peer assessment, but you can use it to assess your own work and make improvements.