Easter in America

Easter in America is a one day event that occurs on sunday. The festivities consist of attending church and easter egg hunts. The easter bunny is a character that appears on the day of easter and hides easter eggs for children to find. The tradition comes from German immigrants. Easter dinners and lunch is the meals that take place.

Easter in France

The food for easter in France consist of roast lamb with spring beans or other freshly harvest vegetables or leaves. Brightly colored boiled eggs and omelets are popular. Easter hares, rabbits, or bells bring the gifts. Easter egg hunts and rolling raw eggs down gentle slopes is festivities that go on in Easter. Its a one day event.

Comparison of France and America

Easter in America and France are pretty similar. Both cultures host easter egg hunts and brunches, but there are also some cultural differences. In France, they roll eggs down hills and they have bells that give gifts. They eats special foods like roast lamb, and in America, we eat a wide range of foods. We go to church on Easter Sunday and in France, they have different days, so it's celebrated on different times.

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