Carly the fur ball

By: Bailey Redford

Who is soft, fuzzy, sassy, and lazy and loves food? I know! It is a cat named Carly. Not everyone knows about this cat and that is why I am going to tell you. Read this story and learn lots about an interesting, noisy and super lovable cat Carly!


There is this cat, named Carly. She is a cat that you can’t forget Carly is old, 17 years old. This cat is in good health and not a lot of people know why.


All we know is that she gets fed well and is never hungry for any reason. Now this fur ball loves food. Food and water is her pation. The reason she loves food is because Carly has no other hobby.

Now as you know that owning her is different. Did I mention that spending time with her is very important? Carly needs lots of time with her owner or else she gets cranky. Her brain just thinks that Carly needs lots of attention and that that is the way it’s going to be.


Carly is mostly not as kind to everyone but she is super kind to this one person named John Redford. No matter what happens to Carly this cat will never change. She will always remain lazy, sassy, fuzzy, meow crazy and my little fur ball. Everyone knows her as mean and rude except for me.


When a lot of people think of Carly they think of lots of stuff but one of the things they think about is how super cute and cuddly she is. Carly is so soft that she feels like a warm fuzz off a cloud. People also think of her as a gray cat with white chest, nose, paws and ears. Her walk is really sassy and that is why Carly includes the sassy eye.


Carly meows for everything! She is very lazy she has been lazy for a long time! Because she is lazy she lays down a lot and because she lays down a lot Carly is overweight. Carly’s over weight problem is not regretted.


Carly likes to hide, her hiding spots are very secret. She hides a lot for privacy! As long as everyone has known her nobody knows where she hides. We don’t get to see her that much and there lots of reasons for that. This is how Carly is and that is how Carly will stay!


A cat as lazy, over weighted, cuddly and sometimes grumpy as this has to have a little background. What happened was that Carly used to be super playful. Years ago Carly was happy, protective and super kind. Until something happened and it always has and always will remain a mystery.


Carly is a one of a kind cat to have. She is interesting to own her because of her hobbies and pations like her hiding and how she loves attention. Also it is very strange that Carly was super different in the past. Still nobody knows how she got so lazy while being so cute & cuddly. However this sassy little fur ball changed everyone’s lives while teaching us a lot. That is the end of this tackk so I hope you learned a lot.

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