Proposing a public policy to deal with the problem of homelessness.

Justification for our suggested policy


1A. Decided upon

We picked policy number one because it shows many things and talks about what the policy is about. Also, we talked to a real person.

1B. Deal with the problem

This shows that they would help with the problem and that they'd explain more about it. We talked to Salvation Army and they had many things to help the homeless' needs.

1C. Advantages & Disadvantages  

The advantages of the policy are that it protects the others that already went through the system and helps them. The disadvantage is that it will be harder for people to try and change their ways and adjust to the system.

1D. Why the policy is constitutional

This policy is constitutional because it does not interfere with their freedoms and/or beliefs, freedom of expression, rights to life, liberty, and property, privacy, and does not prevent people of certain races, ages, and beliefs from using the provided services.